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4 Features To Look For In Your Company's New Color Printer

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Looking to invest in a new color printer for your company? Here are four important features to look for during your search:

"All-in-One" Capabilities

Why store multiple machines in your office when you can use just one machine to accomplish your administration needs? When choosing a color printer to invest in for your company, consider an all-in-one option that can do all of the following:

  • Print

  • Copy

  • Scan

  • Fax

You should be able to connect your all-in-one color printer to a secure company network so that your documents can be shared between multiple devices without ever having to switch printers.

Laser Printing Functionality

While the upfront cost of inkjet printers tends to be a little less than the cost of laser printers, you may end up spending more on your printing needs as time goes on if you choose inkjet over laser functionality. Not only do laser printers offer high-quality prints that look professional, but they're designed to provide you with a lower cost-per-page than a typical inkjet printer can offer.

You should find that printing supplies are less expensive for laser printers than inkjets, which will help save you even more money in the long run. And with a laser printer, you can create custom fliers and brochures for your business that won't run, bleed, or fade like inkjet printed media could.

WiFi Compatibility

Another important feature to look for when choosing a new color printer for your business is WiFi compatibility. Without it, you'll be stuck connecting wires and cords from the printer to the computers you want to network with. You and employees will have to watch your step to ensure that you don't accidentally trip over a cord or unplug anything while printing is in session.

Hooking your color printer up to a WiFi network will allow you to connect any computer to it for printing purposes in a matter of seconds. You'll enhance safety for everyone involved, and you'll save time on handling administration duties.

A Compact Design

Your color printer doesn't have to be huge in order to perform the way you need it to. Nowadays, you can find compact designs that will do everything a large one would do, yet they can be stored conveniently on a table or even in a closet to save space in the office. As long as it handles all the duties you need it to, your new color printer should be small and lightweight enough for one person to pick up and carry if necessary.  

For more information about your printer options, contact a local supplier like Carrel's Office Machines


3 January 2018