Shopping for a Winter Coat

People across the country are experiencing bitterly cold weather. If you’re like me, you want to wear the warmest clothing possible during the frigid winter months. Perhaps, you desperately desire to buy a new winter coat. When you shop for a coat, look at several different styles. On the day of your shopping trip, wear a thick shirt or sweater. You’ll need to buy a coat large enough to wear with your thickest outfits. If you want to purchase a coat that will match everything in your closet seamlessly, think about buying a black or gray one. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips to help you shop for the perfect coat in the near future. Enjoy!

How to Make Dietary Supplements Part of Your Daily Routine if You Hate Swallowing Pills

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Doctors recommend getting your nutritional needs from a healthy and well balanced diets, but supplements can positive impact you if used correctly. From vitamin C to red raspberry leaf extract, dietary supplements can help to balance hormones, alleviate arthritis, help you sleep better, or and support weight loss. What can you do if you can't tolerate pills or gel capsules? Here are three alternatives you can consider. 

Liquid Supplement Options Believe it or not, green smoothies are a form of liquid supplement. You can juice various forms of vegetables and fruits to get more servings in a single meal. Juicing also enables you to consume healthy foods that you might not particularly enjoy eating in raw or cooked form. For example, not everyone loves baby spinach leaves but adding it to a green smoothie with bananas, powdered maca root, and goji berries would taste divine. Liquid supplements and green smoothies are just as palatable as blueberry chewable tablets and herbal teas.

Supplements in Chewable Form

If you doctor lets you know that you need to supplement your vitamin or mineral intake you may first consider multivitamin pills. They're easily sourced at places like pharmacies and grocery stores, but there is usually only the option of getting gel capsules or traditional pills. Some people simply have trouble swallowing pills, so they prefer taking blueberry chewable tablets over pills that either need to be chopped up or powdered to be easily ingested. Another benefit of chewable tablets is that they come in various pleasant flavors. You can learn more about chewable tablets by contacting companies like Berry Club. 

Getting Health Benefits From Tinctures

A tincture is simply a liquid that has been fortified with a concentrated amount of minerals, vitamins, or herbs. For instance, you can buy tinctures that are infused with nettle leaf extract or even wild blueberries. The main benefit of taking tinctures for supplementation is that they can be added to food or beverages, or just consumed straight from the bottle. Liquid multivitamins can be taken in tincture form and you can add them to your herbal tea for an even bigger health boost.

If your goal is to better your health but you are not a fan of swallowing pills, try chewable tablets, various tinctures, or just start juicing more fruits and vegetables. Blueberry chewable tablets have different health benefits than dandelion root tincture, so find out which supplements will work best to improve your body's mental and physical performance.


5 January 2018