Shopping for a Winter Coat

People across the country are experiencing bitterly cold weather. If you’re like me, you want to wear the warmest clothing possible during the frigid winter months. Perhaps, you desperately desire to buy a new winter coat. When you shop for a coat, look at several different styles. On the day of your shopping trip, wear a thick shirt or sweater. You’ll need to buy a coat large enough to wear with your thickest outfits. If you want to purchase a coat that will match everything in your closet seamlessly, think about buying a black or gray one. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips to help you shop for the perfect coat in the near future. Enjoy!

What To Do With The Ugly Gold Jewelry You Received For Christmas

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As much and as hard as your loved ones try, sometimes they do not quite get it right. Take jewelry, for instance. A popular gift, yes, but jewelry tastes and styles are as individual as fingerprints. Try as your significant other or granny might, that gold jewelry they gave you for Christmas is just hideous. Of course, you do not want to offend them by asking where they got it because you want to return it. Skip that uncomfortable situation and just do one of the following instead.

Cash for Gold

There are plenty of buyers out there looking to buy cash for gold. You see the advertisements all the time. Your ugly gold Christmas gifts can garner you some nice green cash. Then you can buy what you really like and really wanted. The best part is that the gold jewelry does not have to be beautiful or perfect; it just has to be real gold.

Pawn Shops

As long as it is real gold, pawn shops do not care how your gold jewelry looks. They already know that there is probably somebody out there that will buy the ugly stuff. Different strokes for different folks, as the old adage goes. The pawn shop will test your gold to find out the purity (if there is not a jewelry tag on the items already) and then weigh it. Based on current market value for each gram of gold, the pawn shop will offer you a discounted fair market value. You can choose to take what they offer, trade it for something in the shop, or not sell or trade the items to them at all with the hopes of getting something better elsewhere.

Ask a Jeweler to Redesign It

Jewelers can take your ugly gold jewelry and make it prettier. They have ways of doing that, you know. If there are some features about the pieces you can live with, but other features that you cannot, ask the jewelers to swap out this and that to turn your gifts into something a bit more to your tastes.

Regift It

Yes, it is a little tacky to regift something, but if you have a friend that is just wild about hideous gold jewelry, and loves how that new bracelet or necklace looks, give it to him or her. Just do not regift these items to the givers, or to anyone while the givers are standing in the same room. (That would be especially tacky, and hurtful.)


5 January 2018