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New Life, New Furniture? 3 Pieces Of Furniture To Splurge On Before The Wedding

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Getting married can be one of the biggest days of your life; you're beginning a new life together with someone you love, creating your own home and family rather than being with your birth family or on your own. Since this change is so momentous, it makes sense that more than just your legal status would need a change.

You'll want to make sure your home is as ready for your new life as you are. So if you're looking for three pieces of furniture to splurge on before you say "I do," then here's what you need to know.

1. Mattress

Right after you get married, chances are good your mattress is going to see a lot of wear and tear — so if it's not relatively new, it might be a good idea to get a new one. Not only do old mattresses sag and not support you correctly during sleep, they also accumulate dead skin, hair, and dust — all good things to avoid for as long as possible.

Mattresses last between 5-10 years no matter the type, so it's probable that you need a new one. Try out some options with your future spouse and pick one you both like in order to keep fights out of the bedroom.

2. Couch

Couches are the backbone of the living room, but when that living room is going to house double the occupants, it may be time to upgrade. Over time, couches can sink down in on themselves — and if you have a favorite spot on your couch, chances are good it's more worn down and threadbare than the rest of the couch.

Couches have a shorter lifespan than you'd think; depending on how nice the couch is, it'll last from 7-15 years (and if you have pets that go on the sofa, that number might drop lower). If your couch has seen better days back before you were a spouse-to-be, it's time to get a new one.

3. Dishwasher

Let's face it — it's more than likely that your dishwasher has seen better days. An average dishwasher will last you a year or two shy of a decade, so if you haven't had a new dishwasher since Twilight was cool, it's time to upgrade.

Remember, being married means twice the dishes (if you were living alone before), and you'd probably rather be spending time with your spouse than washing dishes. A new dishwasher can run more smoothly, efficiently, and clean your dishes better than the decade-old machine currently chugging away in your kitchen. 

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26 March 2018