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4 Ways To Customize College Graduation Stoles

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The graduation stole is a grand tradition and a way to show some school pride when worn over your gown. Along with the school colors, you can customize a stole to feature details that are personalized to your college experience. Learn about four ways to customize the stole and create a keepsake that you proudly display for the rest of your life.

1. Embroidered Initials

While many fraternities and sororities will feature their custom Greek letters on a graduation stole, you can personalize your stole even further with your custom initials. Adding the initials makes the stole uniquely yours and will provide you with a unique keepsake you can frame and display.

When you design the custom stole, you can select from several fonts to match your style and personality. You may want a design that is more professional-looking. You may want a fun and bubbly font. You can also select a font color based on your school. For example, if your school colors were red and yellow, the stole could have a yellow base with red text.

2. Graduation Quotes

The text feature available for custom graduation stoles expands beyond just your initials. You can have an inspirational quote added to your stole. The quote can reflect on the years you went to college or provide some inspiration for the future. Find a quote that you will happily look back on and draw inspiration from.

For longer quotes, you can have the text expand from one side of the stole to another. You may have short quotes that you have on each side of the stole. Look through quotes to find inspiration and choose one that fits you.

3. Cultural Designs

While a gown and cap can represent your school pride, a custom stole can give you the chance to show some cultural pride. Stole designs include the flags and colors of many nations. For example, if you are an international student from Japan, then you can have a stole with a Japanese flag design printed on it.

If you are Native American, the stole can feature a specific pattern design along with some tassels on the bottom edges. The cultural connection adds a unique touch and showcases the pride you have in graduating and representing your culture.

4. Support Ribbons

Along with your culture, you can add extra support with embroidered ribbons placed on the stole. Support ribbons come in many colors and showcase cancer awareness. For example, you can add a pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness or a purple ribbon to support pancreatic cancer awareness.

Visualize your design and brainstorm ideas as you plan out a custom graduation stole design.

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14 October 2020